Top 20 Categories Of Products On Global Sources Website In December 2015

- Feb 27, 2016-

In December 2015, the professional buyers through the global sources website for electronic components sent hundreds of thousands of query, the top 20 categories of products:

Ranking product category ranking product category

1 power adapter 

2 polymer lithium ion battery 

3 PCB assembly services and plastic parts

4 lithium iron phosphate batteries 

5 switching power supply

6 solar modules 16 switch power adapter

7 lithium ion battery and power transformer

8 lead-acid battery and LCD display

9 dc motor connector

10 AC power cord

11 LED power supply 

12 lithium-ion battery pack

13 plastic parts

14 multilayer circuit board

15 power socket switch power supply

16 ACDC Adapte

17 power transformer

18 lcd display

19 USB 2.0 

20 dry cell

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