Rigid PCB Fabrication and Assembly Printed Circuit Board Prototype PCB Turnkey Manufacturing

- Aug 06, 2016-


1. We offer PCB manufacturing service from single to multilayers.
2. No MOQ, low cost for small quantity prototype.
3. Quick turnaround supported. The fast PCB only 24 hours production time and standard lead time 1-2week from small run.
4. Our factory is ISO/TS approved and with high & advanced production capabilities.
5. We are full service provider. Our services include PCB manufacturing, PCB assembly, components sourcing, stencil, It is your good choice for one stop PCB solutions.
6. We provide Technical and professional support, satisfactory customer service.
PCB quote files required:

(1) Gerber data
(2) Aperture list or lists
(3) Drill file in Gerber or excellon format
(4) BOM list with parts details
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