PCB Assembly

- Aug 17, 2016-

There are 4 lines and all of them can make RoHS products

The maximum size of PCB our SMT machine can make is (L x W) 457 x 356mm
Minimum size (L x W): 50 x 50mm
The minimum size of is QFP(45 x 45mm) and the pitch is 03mm
The minimum size of chip our machine can make is 0201
Our machinery can make BGA, CSP, LLP and other many special package components
The total capacity is 10 million chips/day (two shifts)
There are 10 M/I (wave soldering) lines, three of them are for RoHS products, and can be expanded to seven lines
M/I components (such as axis resistor, capacitor and diode) can be preformed automatically
The maximum size of PCB they can make is (L x W) 550 x 350mm, the minimum size is (L x W) 50 x 35mm
There are six convey lines in RoHS solution
All lines can make small products such as MP3/MP4 player and mobile phone.

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