Construction Of Most PCB-commerce Procurement Platform, CS Show 2015 Exhibition Ended Successfully Circuit Board Procurement

- Sep 28, 2015-

August 25, 2015 to 27, a three-day CS Show 2015 (Shenzhen International board Procurement Fair) in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center came to an end. The exhibition "innovation • Drive" as its theme, covering the PCB products, manufacturing technology, raw material reserves, production equipment and other aspects of PCB industry chain. Hundreds of well-known circuit board, gathered MILL, production equipment, materials manufacturers reload participate, showcasing the forefront of the industry's PCB, FPC, HDI technology and products, innovative, environmentally friendly, intelligent circuit board equipment and raw materials become the star of the show the most watched.

In addition to showcasing products, industry experts gathered in eight games and live events veteran also let the audience benefited through thematic analysis of industry status quo forum summit to discuss trends, to better promote the sound development of PCB industry. Throughout the entire procurement exhibition, the organizers presented the latest domestic and international achievements of PCB circuit board industry, and promote the in-depth exchanges between exhibitors and visitors, thus greatly boosted the enthusiasm of the audience participation. CS Show 2015 exhibition opening of the first circuit board procurement JCP attract more than 6,363 visitors, an increase of 48% over the same period, three days show a total of 18,401 were industry leaders and professional buyers to visit the procurement, the indicators were a record high.

Docking PCB industry development, building the strongest commerce procurement platform

As the most common components in electronics manufacturing, PCB circuit board directly connected to support, through the guide of electronic components and chips work, and its importance is self-evident, PCB levels are basically represents the level of development of a national electronic manufacturing . Chinese expensive for the world's largest electronic products manufacturing country in recent years, the electronics manufacturing industry chain maturing, which is China's PCB industry provided an opportunity to take off.

Of course, the power to shift from technology PCB production big country, but also the needs of domestic manufacturers in product cost control, quality improvement, high-end board research, innovation and technology and other aspects to make more efforts. The just-concluded CS Show 2015 board Sourcing Show, played a very good platform for connecting exhibitors, visitors, both show the industry's most advanced high-end PCB products, technologies and solutions, and thereby forming the PCB industry alliance interactive, by production and marketing sector in close cooperation to support the promotion of the entire PCB industry complete ascension. With professional event to showcase the superior platform and precision industries combined, CS Show 2015 exhibition circuit board procurement has been the strongest-commerce procurement platform to build towards the goal of a big success.

Brought together high-quality PCB enterprises, will be fully carried out in the end purchase

PCB to provide visitors / FPC / HDI / MPCB / IC carrier board one-stop shopping services, communication upstream and downstream purchase intention, to promote the transition to a green PCB industry, wisdom, passion they complete the mission of the show, can not do without the participation of exhibitors PCB . As the only one to PCB / FPC purchase themed trade show, CS Show 2015 circuit board procurement exhibition attracted a large number of well-known domestic and foreign exhibitors. Including Jing Wang electronics, Suntak circuit, five science and technology, Hirotoshi electronics, Fastprint, Unitech Electronics, Yan strong electronic, King Brother, super technology, Zhuo electronic ear, Hang Sheng circuit, never Jie Electronics, Ming Yang circuit, Bomin, super jump technology, Galaxia circuit, fast Hing, Fuchang fat, ring-based Industrial Co., Fu Ying, CITIC, the Shenglong, honesty and love or sophisticated, animal husbandry Taylor, East Building, goods rise, Boro Konka, Chang Dong Xin, Ren Creative, including the well-known circuit board manufacturing enterprises, have a strong presence CS Show 2015 exhibition circuit board procurement, and during the show has a wonderful performance.

On exhibit content of everyone's attention, than in the past also been a great breakthrough: the conventional single / double sided, multilayer, HDI and other rigid board; potential development single-sided, double-sided, multi-layer soft board; much Flex PCB industry concerned; special substrate, and was pinned by IC substrate, a metal substrate, a ceramic substrate, high-frequency board, in this procurement exhibition have harvested good data, some products lead the industry in advanced degrees , site popularity is very hot.

Transition PCB conform trend, industry highlights activated momentum

As electronic manufacturing industry supporting the PCB, not only a breakthrough in conventional applications, the smart electronics, automotive electronics, printed electronics, semiconductor and other emerging industries, we also see that they have a successful layout. The CS Show 2015 exhibition circuit board procurement, including Hirotoshi, King Brother, King Mong Electronics, Suntak PCB circuit including many exhibitors have been done to the original main driving force, strive to be more involved in the emerging field of electronics. Only from product packages, the traditional large and has been the pursuit of small, light, thin, fine intelligent packaging replaced, but also uses a lot of raw materials environmental pollution, high integration, low-power technology. In addition, the soft board development, innovation and technology into the highlights, etc. are frequently flashed on the board procurement CS Show 2015 exhibition scene, everything changed just to accommodate the current development trend of microelectronic products.

More than professional activities to help out, producing scholars and discuss the future development of PCB

In addition to visual display products and technologies outside, CS Show 2015 board Sourcing Show also held a number of professional and high-end summit forum activities earlier. From various exhibitors, business decision-makers, experts and senior industry buyers gathered to discuss the current situation and development trend of PCB industry, PCB industry hot topic. Each participant in a number of activities, the harvest of exhibitors enthusiastic response of the audience.

August 25 opening of the exhibition on the first day, wonderful CS Show 2015 circuit board procurement lead staged exhibition opening ceremony. Reed Exhibitions, Shenzhen PCB industry association, Taiwan Printed Circuit Association, Guangdong Province Printed Circuit Industry Association, China International Trade Promotion Committee of each unit of electronic information industry branch and other leaders attended, co-chaired the opening ceremony and cut the ribbon. Then another special event, "China's electronics manufacturing and Green Procurement Summit" also opened for the PCB industry process is complicated, and some aspects of environmental pollution this reality, the organizers invited a number of electronics manufacturing elite, site sharing advanced green procurement model and experience with green energy technology, new materials technology and production methods wisdom, for the PCB industry chain upstream and downstream enterprises to help the environmental aspects of procurement.

Two days after the show, as well as "PCB industry trends thematic exhibition area", "new products and technology will be released", "Shenzhen PCB Industry Development Forum", Bai Rongsheng teacher expert lectures, PCB professional books and other heavy head sales activities will continue to be staged . Where the most attention is the dean of the industry, Taiwan Printed Circuit Association, senior technology consultant Bai Rongsheng speech teacher for the industry to bring the world's most advanced PCB technology news, including PCB failure to resolve the case, the forefront of technology trends. PCB industry to boost the transformation of high-end technology direction, so that the industry elite who benefit.

Industrial cooperation in the new trend, double exhibition co-starred in the same period

Another major highlight of the circuit board procurement CS Show 2015 exhibition, is held in conjunction with the electronics manufacturing industry benchmark --NEPCON South China 2015 South China Electronics Show in the same period. Circuit board industry itself services in the electronics manufacturing industry, especially in the moment to lay the foundation of China's electronic manufacturing industry at a crucial moment of transformation and upgrading, but also requires a lot of high-end of the PCB.

Two exhibition open simultaneously, to more effectively bring together the most cutting-edge PCB and SMT technology and product information, promote interaction and exchange between the downstream electronics industry. More customer resources, closer industry ties and common development goals, to make the show as a whole have a more powerful influence. And be sure to show the industry in the form of this innovation, a number of exhibitors at the show recognized more partners, acquired a number of direct trade orders and cooperation opportunities, praised synchronization NEPCON South China 2015 exhibition in South China Electronics CS Show 2015 exhibition and exhibition circuit board procurement, are "not to be missed display, communication, trade, professional platform."

China's PCB industry has entered the stage of rapid development, not only amazing production capacity, product content and technical content also has been a breakthrough. CS Show 2015 exhibition held circuit board procurement, is the last year the PCB industry best summary. Show that provide one-stop PCB / FPC procurement services, will effectively contribute to global buyers and PCB suppliers face to face communication, and ultimately will promote China's PCB industry from the factory completely transition to the market, thereby enhancing the PCB industry trade capacity, build health market trends upward.

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