3D Printers Allow PCB Manufacturing Becomes Easier

- Nov 26, 2015-

    In a Silicon Valley in the United States held a technical seminar organized by the market research firm IDTechEx, the two companies demonstrated the can "spit" out of the small circuit board 3D printers, other industry players such as Qualcomm (Qualcomm) is showing the Electronic parts placed on the plastic substrate technology progress.

    Hewlett-Packard (HP) of print technology expert James Stasiak said: "We will achieve a 3D printing technology as sensors comprising a promoter trillion world;" he said in a keynote address, the traditional electronic components and Chennai m material 3D printing binding on the new board, will meet future demand for low-cost networking sensors, and has companies such as American industry Kateeva available for room sizes of YieldJet inkjet printers, can produce OLED element and can be printed on DNA and other biological materials.

    In the seminar site, startups from Israel Nano Dimension of DragonFly 2020 3D printer for the first time in the United States debut, the device can produce 20 centimeters (cm) square and a height of about 3 millimeters (mm), stitch width of only 80 microns (micron) multilayer circuit boards, according to different layers, the time required for only 3 to 20 hours.

    Nano Dimension lock customers who do not want to wait (usually takes several weeks to obtain production time), and accepted approximately $ 50,000 cost of the circuit board printer users; the company intends in the next year's International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) on sale its 3D printer products, and start shipping by the end of self-evident.

Nano Dimension's 3D printer can produce exquisite small circuit board 

     Nano Dimension's 3D printer key is silver conductive ink and insulating ink of the company's own developed, manufactured using Minolta 500-nozzle applicators; like many other markets to lock the same industry, the company is also developing cheaper copper conductive ink, but as its co-founder and CEO Amit Dror said that so far no one has overcome the industry so that the copper oxide to avoid problems in the printing process.

Israeli startups Nano Dimension co-founder and CEO Amit Dror with the company's 3D printers appeared together

     HP's Stasiak said that such companies like Nano Dimension eventually offer a lower cost than traditional methods, greater flexibility of the printed circuit board manufacturing method; however, he also pointed out that one of the challenges of using the inkjet method, is the only technology provide femtoliters (femto-liter) drop that makes creating a circuit board traces is relatively large.

    In extrusion technology to produce a 3D printer circuit board

    Another startup Voxel 8 is born by the Harvard University (Harvard) laboratory, also demonstrated a circuit board can produce a 3D printer; but the device does not use ink jet, instead of using its own development of a kinds of toothpaste-like material extrusion (extrusion) mode making circuit boards. Its material and process so Voxel 3D printer 8 can not only production of plastic electronic components, but also can produce conductive element.

 Voxel 8 Michael Bell, co-founder and the company's 3D printer

    Voxel 8 Michael Bell, co-founder, said: "We can make a conventional printed circuit board (PCB) manufacturing process can not make stuff like 3D hearing aid or plastic antenna." Voxel 8 so far has raised $ 13 million venture capital its function printers produce 6 × 6 × 5-inch, 200-micron traces of the circuit board, is expected in May next year before we can ship for $ 9,000; the company and said that the future is expected to be further stitches down to 1 micron.

    3D printers are getting cheaper

    There is also a US industry Owl Works showcase its 3D printer Morpheus, can produce 340 × 190 × 330mm, 170-micron resolution and 25 ~ 200mm height of the elements; the device is expected to start selling in spring next year, the price is only $ 500, almost Half of similar products currently on the market. SJ Park, chief marketing officer of the company said that product prices low because the use of lower-cost EUV light source, LCD monitor replace laser and digital light processor other printer used.

Owl Works chief marketing SJ Park to demonstrate its cheap 3D printer Morpheus    

    Qualcomm demonstrated the production of electronic components to the plastic substrate

    In the production of electronic components plastic substrate technology, also known as electronic components surface (surface electronics), Qualcomm is seeking applications for the class element; the company researcher Stein Lundby said: "We are trying to rank for such a relatively low electron element, define or create high-value applications, hoping to use its superior conventional electronic component size advantage. "

    Lundby demonstrates Qualcomm to build the prototype EnFucell, it is a hybrid plastic circuits, combining Bluetooth and accelerometer chip, it looks like an OK stretched, to put a golf club in order to measure the strength of the user's swing . This disposable patch, as well as the use of a printed circuit to maintain a race time of the battery, data will be collected to be transferred to the smartphone application; the single-use components built in to allow the club to avoid a wafer a long period of up to swing a golf club 1500G force, it may be difficult to tolerate the wafer.

Qualcomm researchers Stein Lundby showcase its prototype plastic electronic components

Qualcomm developed EnFucell elements can be combined with golf club    

   Plastic LED

     Other surfaces of the electronic components in the debut show floor, including the Nth-Degree LED display will be embedded in the plastic of the program; the company will launch its first product --LED light bar and development tools, priced at $ 5 per foot. Nth-Degree of products with its own development of conductive inks and patent GaN (gallium nitride) LED technology make future plans to expand into the computer and the TV, as the ultra-thin backlight.

Nth-Degree LED display embedded in the plastic of the program

    Finnish research institute VTT Technical Research Centre shows with smart phones through NFC power transmission, lighting printed circuit board 8 LED technology; this would unpackaged small LED mounted on a printed circuit board technology, by the third-party partner development agencies.

VTT Technical Research Centre show in smart phones transmit power through the NFC, lighting printed circuit board 8 LED

    Additionally VTT also showed plastic substrate and LED combination of technology, which is part of the technology and has been an independent company Flexbright; the new record company is currently testing prototypes, and claims to have been part of the potential customers.

VTT shows the combination of LED technology and plastic


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