three kinds of method of making stencil

- Mar 28, 2016-

There are three kinds of method of making stencil: chemical etching, laser cutting and electroforming.

1, chemical etching.

On the steel plate coating a layer of anti acid gel where the need to speak to remove gum, steel plate, with acid corrosion of the steel plate, forming openings.

The cheapest hundreds of pieces of this kind of steel plate, of course, the bad effect.

2, laser engraving.

It is very simple to use laser direct where need to open the punch.

3, electroforming molding. 

This kind of steel plate is on the basis of laser engraving in the opening electric cast out of the wall and aperture chamfering, made very smooth open, conducive to the tin, this kind of steel plate is very expensive, generally do not use.

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