PCB deposited copper 9 points

- Nov 27, 2015-

The so-called copper, is the unused space on the PCB as the Datum, and then filled with a solid copper, thecopper area also known as the copper pour. The meaning of deposited copper is reduced ground impedance andimprove anti-interference ability; reducing pressure drop, improve power efficiency connected with theground, you can also reduce the loop area.

Deposited copper needs to pay attention to those issues:

1. If PCB of to more, has SGND, and AGND, and GND, and so on, will according to PCB Board surface location of different, respectively to most main of "to" as benchmark reference to independent covered copper, digital to and simulation to separate to enough copper since not more statements, while in covered copper zhiqian, first added rough corresponding of power line: 5.0V, and 3.3V and so on, so, on formed has multiple different shape of more deformation structure.

2. Single point of connection for differently, it is connected by 0 Ohm resistor or bead or inductor;

3. Copper near Crystal, crystal oscillators for high frequency emission source in the circuit, it is inorbit around the crystals deposited copper, and then will be grounded in crystal oscillator shell.

4. Island (dead zone), if it is large, then defines a hole not much added.

5. Begin wiring, ground equally and walked line ground wire should be good, cannot rely on repeat

Copper by adding holes to eliminate pins for the connection, so that the result is very bad.

6. on the Board had better not have sharp corners appeared (= 180 degrees), because from the perspective ofelectromagnetism, which constitutes one of the transmitting antenna! For the other but there will always bea big or small, I recommend using the edges of the arc line. No registration

7. Multilayer wiring an open area of the middle-tier, not enough copper. Because it's hard to make thedeposited copper "well grounded"

8. Equipment inside the metal, such as metallic radiators, metal reinforcement bars, be sure to implement"good ground".

9. Three-Terminal voltage regulator heat sink metal, must be well grounded. Crystal ground near median mustbe well grounded. In short: the deposited copper on the PCB, if the grounding solve both problems, it mustbe "disadvantages", it can reduce the signal return area, reduce external electromagnetic interference.


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