CPCA spring 2016 international BBS essay notice PCB technology/information

- Mar 09, 2016-

According to China's printed circuit industry association (CPCA) the 11th session of the science and technology committee, "the spring of 2016 international PCB technology/information BBS" proposed in 2016 in Shanghai on March 15 to 17, the BBS theme is made "smart".

BBS content will be from the perspective of industrial chain expansion of the deeper and more comprehensive.At present our spring and autumn has become more and more get the attention of industry professionals, BBS BBS is the technology platform, demonstrate my enterprise is our engineering technology, management, personnel communication stage, the current thesis collection work is under way, the scope of the essay:

1, manufacturability design

Manufacturability design review

PCB manufacturing process capability development route exploration

The making craft of ultra fine lines

Tiny holes machining and metallization process research

Interlayer registration precision control and improvement

High precision impedance control for PCB processing technology

Thickness of aperture ratio greater than when metallized hole processing technology research

2, just scratch plate processing and manufacturing technology

Just scratch board structure characteristics and production process

A kind of applicable to just scratch board made of new material (or tools, equipment)

Just scratch plate production process of project production control points

Just scratch board processing in the process of a special window (flexible) process

A kind of applicable to just scratch plate processing new drilling and using parameters

Just scratch board to drill the fouling process improvement and product reliability

Just the impedance of the flexible plate control model

Not shed half cure evaluation and application

Multilayer just scratch combined with PCB processing process increases and control research

Study of composite structure just scratch board manufacturing process (just scratch combined with HDI, just scratch combined with special base material)

3, the reliability of the PCB control

PCB product quality reliability research were reviewed

PCB wiring and reliability considerations in the process of structural design

Weldability coating/plating effect on the reliability of the welding research

PCB base material selection, and the impact on the reliability of the products

PCB in high temperature, high humidity, strong radiation, high corrosive environment using the reliability of the research

The reliability of the metallized hole research

Weldability coating/plating effect on the reliability of the welding research

PCB manufacturing process factors affecting the reliability of the quality of product

Ion migration impact on the reliability of the product

PCB impedance control and the influence of electromagnetic compatibility features of products use reliability characteristics

4, HDI board materials/equipment/high speed high frequency

Flexible and just PCB flexible plate processing technology

HDI board, IC load board, embedded component plate processing technology

The making craft of high-frequency plate at a high speed

High frequency high speed material

PCB automation equipment and testing instruments

Flexible PCB material and processing equipment

New technology of electronic interconnection assembly

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