Will the file I send to JETEK be kept in confidence?

Yes, JETEK will only use your file to produce your job, and won't share the details of your design with any other company. We do the CAM in house and manage the production ourselves so the factory that makes the boards only has access to the manufacturing data.


What file formats you accept?

Gerber of RS-274/RS-274-X/Protel/PADs/Altium/DXP/ExpressPCB/EAGLE/etc..


Why film cost?

We give free film cost to 200*200mm board size, if the board is bigger than 200*200mm size, there might have additional cost for film.

 Do you allow multiple design per setup?

Yes we accept Multiple design on panel but there will have extra charge. Check here for Panelizing & Merging Policy.


What is your standard panel size?

We do not have standard panel size to customer, it means more economic and fair cost to customer.

What is standard Specification PCB ?

Any build specification that is 0.062" FR4 1 oz copper, HASL finishing(Pd/Sn), White Silkscreen, Green Soldermask.


How can i get the advantage of multi designs jobs from JETEK?

You can do Multi-design on panel as Here, we only have few extra charge for each of additional design. For example you have 4 designs to make, you need to pay 4 times of setup cost. If you panelise 4 designs on one panel then you only need to pay one of setup cost+ few extra charge for other 3 designs. 


Will JETEK check if there any mistake in my design?  


Yes. JETEK will run a DRC as part of doing the CAM. But we won’t change your design. Instead, we will send you an email or call you to check if the design is right. The best practice is to run a DRC and use a netlist file when generating your pcb so you can be sure all the tracks go to the right place. 

We do not pledge to check all mistakes out on the design.


I am used to designing in metric units while the website is specified in imperial units. Is there a conversion chart I can refer to ? 

Could you kindly download a small unit conversion tool in Other info.


How do I specify internal cutouts/milling in my design? 

All internal cutouts/slots/milling should be specified on the same layer is the board outline. The minimum routable slot size is 32 mils/0.80MM. During order time, please state this requirement in the "Special Request" section so that our CAM engineers is aware of it. This is not something we encounter often - so there are chances we may overlook it. Make sure it's known to us.


How thick of the copper plated in holes?

Normally we do 20um thick copper plated in holes, and 35um thick copper plated on surface. We have two professional measuring machines to measure copper thickness, one is after the plating, another one is in FQA room. We also make Micro Cross-Section to measure copper thickness for each batch plated. 


How to order? 

We want to make easy way to do business. 

1. Send RFQ to US.

2. Get quotation and confirm it.

3. We send invoice to make Payment.

4. Get payment then we process job.

5. Ship products and update shipment tracking number to you.

6. Your get parcel door to door.


What is your MOQ(Minimum Ordering Quantity)? 

 We have NO MOQ requirement.


Can you add vendor logo and UL mark and Date production on board?

 Yes we can, but normally if customer does not ask this, we will NOT add anything on the board.


Is there any extra charge for deliver small boards as inpidual?

 If any side of board the size is less than 1” and quantity is more than 100 pieces, we suggested to make panel with V-cut or Tab-rout. Or there might extra charge for routing to inpidual, this charge depend on what size and how many quantity.


Can you provide COC and testing report & Micro Cross-Section?

 Yes we can, if customer asked of this, we will provide them with PCBs together.

But normally if customer does not ask this, we will NOT provide. Because we do a really fast job, the paper work will cost much time.


Do you give free setup for repeat order?

 We do not give free setup to repeat order, we only give free setup to standard 2 layer job order which is more than 3 sqm volume. For example, if you have a new job to do and it is more than 3 sqm volume, then you will get free setup, even it is a new job.


What is the daily cutoff time?

 To make it for the day's order, the order must be placed by 11:00 am local time . All orders placed after that time would be considered next day's order.  See Manufacturing Lead time Policy please.


We confirmed to process the order already, but we found some issues on our design, can we change our design?

 Normally we will finish setup in 2-4 hours then Make film & Cut material, so it is ok to give new design in 2-4 hours. Or could you please email us to check the job status, there might have additional costs for the change.


What is the difference between Prototype and Production order?

 Our prototype service works on pooling a few designs and fabricating it under 1 setup. This makes it cheaper per part number for small quantity runs. But the fabrication setup is fixed to a standard specification and not reusable.

Production service runs on setup unique to your part number and reusable over many runs. With production run, you can configure your PCB to be built with custom materials. Production Run setups will be kept for minimum of 12 months.


With my company, obtaining a Purchase Order and payment  can take some time. Can you fabricate the boards in advance prior to receiving the payment ? 

 Yes, we can do that. Just let us know about this situation under the "special request" section of order form. We often get started on production upon placement of order.As long as the we know the order is firm and payment is on its way, we can get started on the job immediately.

More often than not, by the time the purchase requisition is processed, the boards will be ready to ship. Unlike other PCB companies, we place trust in our customers and will start work even before money is paid.


My company can only place an order with Purchase Order system and will be paying through bank transfer. Can you accept this type of order ?

 Yes we can, but could you please pay for the additional for bank charges/commission when you do bank transfer because we make very few frofit so we can not bear additional for bank charges/commission. The banking charges varies from country to country.


On PCB Production service, when I choosing different soldermask color or FR4 thickness adds to the cost. Why is this so? 

 JETEK specification boards, require special processing consideration and we need to stop and reconfigure machines along the way to accept non-standard materials or soldermask color. So additional labor and inefficiency is involved. JETEK specs PCB is costlier not because the material cost more, but because more labor is involved than standard specs PCB.


When your cost is so low, how do I know if the quality of your PCB meets our requirement or that your service is good? 

 Good question! We look for further business to customer but not one-off order, we are volume production the prototype runs so can get cost down. And we are not greedy, we only get very few profit from each order. So our price is low.

Facts speak louder than words, after our prototype, you will know our excellent quality and service.


All jobs will do open/short testing?

 Yes, we must to do open/short testing before we ship PCBs out. If customer asked DO NOT testing, we do not bear responsibility for any Open/Short problem.


Do you give free testing?

 We give free testing to the order which is less than 0.20sqm. If order is more than 0.20sqm, there will have testing cost on quotation.


What types of testing you will use?

 We will use Flying probe testing & Fixture testing.


What is the difference between Flying probe testing & Fixture testing?

 Flying probe testing is for prototype runs & small batch only, it is slow and the price depend on how many testing points(solder mask pad) on PCBs. (Prototype runs & small batch has no so many testing points so Flying probe testing is more economic.

Fixture testing is for large volume, it is fast and price is expensive, but you never need to pay for testing again for the repeat job.


The rates on this website is quoted in which currency? 

 USD(US doller) , please note the rates on website is not official quotation, there might have extra charge for Testing.


How is payment made ?

Currently we accept:

1)T/T(Telegraphic Transfer) to our company account for Large amount.

2) Paypal for Small amount.

Could you kindly pay for Bank charge or paypal middle charge(4.4% + $0.3) please.


Do you offer Credit Term?  

In general, no. All orders should be paid in advanced. Regular customers that orders more than once a week, may apply for credit term for their purchasing convenience. 


How to pack?

Our pack is very professional and safely for transportation, see the below:

How to shipping? 

1)For urgent order we will send to you by FedEx/UPS/DHL, the best is you have COD account(collect account) so you can get cheaper price for freight. Normally this will take 2-3 days then parcel goes to your side.

2)If urgent order and you do not have COD account for freight then we'll use our FedEx/UPS/DHL to you. We offer freight to you as what price we get from FedEx/UPS/DHL, we DO NOT make money on Freight.

3)For not so urgent order we send by HK-DHL to you, this will take 5-7 days then parcel goes to your side, and this is the cheapest one but a little slow becasue we need time to send parcel from Shenzhen to HK.

4)For large volume, we use ocean shipping, it is cheap but slow.


How do I know the tracking number of shipment?

1)If you pay via Paypal, we must update a tracking number on Paypal and Paypal will email this tracking number to you. Please note the email will send to the box which you register on Paypal.

2)If you pay via T/T, we will send tracking number to you by email.


How long is my production run setup stored? 

 We store any production run fabrication setup for a minimum of 12 months from last used date and can be re-extended by another 12 months on reuse. If the customer does not use the setup again within 12 months, all tools will scrapping, customer needs to pay for setup again if repeat.


The PCB came in and it looks great! But where is my invoice? 

 For each parcel shipped out we will include 1 of our commercial invoice. Occasionally, custom officer may take all copies of the invoice thus leaving none in the parcel. When this happens, you can contact the salesperson in charge of your order and he/she will send a PDF version of the invoice.


I received the boards and I believe there are some fabrication mistakes. Can I get a replacement made?

 Sometimes, we do make mistakes during CAM processing. We don't deny it happens - but we have recently brought the rate of mistake down to 1 in 1000 orders.

If you do receive a board that is not as specified in the PCB design file, do e-mail us and point out to us the discrepancy between the end PCB and given files.  We will investigate on that matter and remake the PCB if we made an error.  If you can include pictures to support your claim, that will also help in our remake/rework filing. 

Over 90% of legitimate defect claims is entertained and remade. Kindly use a Gerber viewer to review the files sent to us prior to filing a claim. Claims can be filed by writing e-mail to us.


We did not correct number of boards ordered. Whom do I contact ? 

 Please e-mail the salesperson that handled your order to resolve the issue. Occasionally we make packaging mistakes. Chances are that we may have left out a few boards during packaging process.  We can offer to send it in a new parcel or a credit towards your next order.